Services(eff. April 10,2017) Prices vary at each location


-includes a shampoo and clipping of relaxed ends

Women's styled Haircut $60

-includes styled cut and shampoo

Shampoo/ Style Locs and Twists $45 and up

Single Strand Twists– $70 and up(depending on length)

Also know as comb coils

Two Strand Twists $65

Hair is individually sectioned and each section is divided into two strands that are then twisted around each other until the ends of the hair are reached. OUR twist lasts for weeks!

Flat Twists- (Cornrow style flat twists) $65 and up

These can be done in various styles and sizes.

Flat Twists with extensions $85

Spiral set/flexi rod set – $75 and up

Perm rod set $55 

Starter Locs – $70 and up

We use a technique specific to your hair texture and length to begin your locs.

Loc Maintenance – $60 and up

Shampoo and retwist of locs.

Loc Styling Only – $20 and up

Creative styling using rollers, braids or twists

Loc Styling with Maintenance – $70 and up various styles may incur additional fees

All in one service for locks.

Interlocks Starting (Natural Hair) $170-4inches or less...$200 5-9 inches...

$300 10-14inches...$350 15-17inches...each add'l inch $20

each add'l inch add $50

Interlock extensions(Human Hair only) $350 6 inches.... each add'l inch $50

Interlocks Maintenance $75 and up depending on root growth

Interlock maintenance and style $85 -curls $95

Faux Locs $180 and up (Hair not included)

Kinky Twists –$135 and up (hair not included)

Hair is added to create a fuller and lengthen look to the two-strand twists. 

Havana Twists $100 and up(hair not included)

Nubian Twists $135 and up(depending on size of twists and fullness of hair) GREAT Transition style

Senegalese Twists $180 and up(hair not included)

Single Braids $100 and up(hair not included)

Goddess Braids $55 and up

Natural Cornrows $55

Cornrows w/extensions $85 and up (hair not included)

Reattachment of Locs (consultation required) we can reattach locs that have been previously cut off to at least 4-6 inches of hair. An extensive consultation is required to assure the best method will be used to create longevity for locs.

SISTERLOCKStm– consultation required....We use a specific pattern to create these locks with your natural hair,you must have 3-6 inches of natural hair growth and there is no need to cut off relaxed ends to start these. (call for details)

Sisterlocktm Maintenance( retightening service) 

Loc Extensions – consultation required* With loc extensions, you can go from no locks to a full head of natural looking locks. $350 and up(hair not included)

Custom Loc Extensions- we can create soft natural looking locs ( only you and your stylist will know) 90 locs-4 inches $300 every 5, 4 inch locs after $50.....each inch $5

Creative Color – consultation required


Virgin Color – $50 and up(depending on length of hair)

This is the color service needed if the desired affect requires the full head of hair be color processed.

Highlights – $45 and up(as an add-on service $25 and up)

Strands of hair throughout the head are colored. Requires detailed sectioning to create desired affect.

Color Touch-up – $60 and up based upon amount of applications of color needed (as an add-on service $45 and up)

Follow-up service after a virgin color. Must be performed between 6-10 weeks after previous color service.

Corrective Color – $75 and up

Service required if there is the need to correct or change a previous color service.